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One of the things I love is seeing my beautiful Borg Cube floating through space, especially around Algus.

I think it would be great to have a button we could press to temporarily remove the UI and watch our ship floating in space. Maybe take some pretty screen grabs to use as phone wallpapers. You hit the button, the UI goes away, and the next time you click or tap, the UI reappears.


  • Just so we're clear.
    UI does not stand for Unwelcome In-laws right?
    (sure could use a button for that sometimes)
  • Bug? More like feature! Bring back that bug feature!

    User Interface -- all the lovely boxes and buttons you press or click to do stuff. Though an Unwelcome In-laws button also sounds great, just not sure DB has the resources to fully implement that feature.
  • edited October 2017
    When traveling to other star systems or planets, it would be nice to see them get closer and closer, and the surroundings (or sides) scroll [as abovementioned.] Additionally, I would like to at least see out the window or "on screen" in Voyages. And lastly, possibly there could be 5 buttons on either side of the screen for space battles, allowing for virtual spaceflight eg Buttons: Up, up left or right, left or right, down left or right, and down. Sometimes, it does seem to be quite the luxury to just put in a course heading, and then you "Boldy go." I too would love to travel through a nebula or see other celestial sights move by.
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