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H3LLHOUND5- STT's First Dedicated Skirmish Fleet- DAYS UNTIL NEXT SKIRMISH EVENT: 20

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Hey skirmish fanatics! The H3LLHOUND5 need you! We are the the first fleet of our kind! We want to pack as many skirmish lovers as possible into one fleet and see what kind of damage we can do in skirmish events. If you're one of the many players out there that thrives on skirmish events and you're not in a top ranked fleet, then I ask you... why not?

With 50 people like YOU all working together, we can easily dominate skirmish events. We'll do our part, all we ask is that you do yours. Skirmish events are the only events everyone will be expected to participate in. Participation in other events is strictly optional. Skirmishes account for roughly 20% of all events. Does your current fleet win 20% of all events? Because that's what we're going for. If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, then we should talk.

The H3LLHOUND5 has a public recruiting page and a private group for members only with plenty of great resources to help you excel. You can find (and like) our public page here: https://www.facebook.com/H3LLHOUND5

We're also looking for some friendly, experienced, communicative, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and helpful Captains who are willing to take on additional leadership roles and responsibilities as officers of the fleet. If you think you could be an asset as a fleet officer, let me know and we'll discuss it privately.

Thanks for reading, future H3LLHOUND5- see you at the top!

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    Updated original post and title. Thanks for reading.
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    The H3LLHOUND5 are now 15 strong. We cleared most of our starbase honor/chron targets yesterday. We've built 3 rooms in 3 consecutive days and will have a level 5 starbase in 15 hours. We're beginning to operate like a well oiled machine. Imagine how fast we could build our starbase with 35 MORE skirmish lovers in our ranks.

    We're doing a countdown to the next skirmish event on our Facebook page and I thought it would be fun to share it here as well. You can check out (and like/follow) our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/H3LLHOUND5 to learn more about us, or if you just want to follow the countdown with us. If you're on the fence about our endeavor, I invite you to follow our updates/progress there, and ask yourself if this crazy experiment could actually work?
    It will with your help!

    So without further adieu, the H3LLHOUND5 skirmish countdown begins today!

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    Calling all skirmish lovers!

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    If you love skirmishes and want to be part of something awesome, H3LLHOUND5 is your fleet. Have questions? Of course you do. Ask me.

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    Got guts? Like a challenge? Want glory? Let's talk.

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    Ok, so I was super busy yesterday and didn't get to update the countdown. Apologies...

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