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Campaigns and VIP

Hey DB, just throwing it out there. Now that you're introducing the Campaign element, may be worth revisiting the VIP perks and perhaps doing something similar to the campaign rewards as the VIP dailies. Some rewards doubled, or maybe if you get to VIP 14 all the "basic" Campaign rewards are doubled.

Just saying, could be nice to make VIP worthwhile again since replicator rations and warps became a F2P thing.


  • I was thinking along similar lines. It would be a nice perk for those that have it.
  • Commander SinclairCommander Sinclair ✭✭✭✭✭
    Something similar has been suggested in the main Campaign Beta feedback thread.
    I want to become a Dilionaire...
  • In case it is not known to all: your VIP level gives you double the accolades on the days where you receive your daily reward x2.
  • That's a pretty useless reward by the time you're VIP14 and all the campaign rewards are basically trash.
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