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Campaign suggestion: preview

Just like with Arena, I would suggest DB provide a preview option for coming weeks to see what campaign rewards will be available, so they have less of the situation where someone spends money or honor to immortalize a character they would be getting from campaign anyway and having those people complain to customer service until they get a "fix".


  • Previews? Yes. Absolutely necessary if campaigns are built around completing all dailies every day in order to get the final reward (25 out of 25 days). It is less important if the threshold to complete a campaign is not all dailies every day (20 out of 25 days), assuming you don't change the UI and we can see for ourselves.

    Ship Schematics? Yes, but try to stick to unreleased or at least the ships that are not on the Dabo wheel and in quantities that are significant over the course of the campaign (600-1800 over the full campaign, not 50).
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  • I hope they stick with Campaigns. I've enjoyed it thus far.
  • Matt_DeckerMatt_Decker ✭✭✭✭✭
    Jim Steele wrote: »
    Also, if we could have a 'theme' e.g. borg with borg ship schematics and borg gold & purple character that would be great!

    This is a great idea. For example, the Enterprise E schematics could be part of the reward tiers, and the ending super rare could be Tommy Gun Dixon (who is needed to unlock a node in the game) and the legendary could be Mambo Picard, a version that far fewer folks have and would be likely to pay for. (Ent E Picard's stats are so low, I know I would probably pass on paying for him.)

    Some other possibilities:

    Jem'Hadar Flagship schematics paired with Diseased Changeling Founder (4*) and Weyoun Clone 5 (5*)

    Valdore schematics paired with Commander Donatra (4*) and Senator Vreenak (5*).

    Orion interceptor schematics paired with Orion Slaver (4*) and Orion Vina (5*)

    Negh'var schematics paired with General Martok (4*) and Chancellor Gowron (5*). (I'm assuming it's only a matter of time until the Negh'var enters the game.)

    Klingon Sarcophagus schematics paired with Torchbearer Voq (4*) and T'Kuvma or Torchbearer Rejac (5*)

    Ni'Var schematics paired with Commander T'Pol (4*) and Ambassador Soval (5*)

    Xindi Insectoid Patrol Ship schematics paired with Commander Dolim or Xindi 'Prisoner' Archer (4*) and Xindi Insectoid Councilor (5*)

    Pike's Enterprise schematics paired with Fugitive Spock (4*) and Christopher Pike or Bridge Officer Number One (5*).

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  • I enjoyed having both the 4 & 5* cards from the same collection. It would also be nice if some of the rewards were items specific to the card at the end, similar to how events work.
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