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Lost Voyage loot - Voyage would not recall after being prompted

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I just lost my Voyage loot after several attempts to recall it - waiting nearly 2 hours for it to wrap up. I didn't want to extend it with dilithium if the voyage was not functioning properly. The first time that happened was about 1.5 months ago, and it was a rare session where I was attempting to access my game directly on the Facebook site. After which, I downloaded the Gameroom app, and have been using that ever since.

Additionally, I have noticed that Gameroom is buggy, even after uninstalling and reinstalling it. I get a lot of Java error messages that cause me to have to reload my game to continue playing it. So, this week, I downloaded the most recent version of Java that is compatible with my Windows 10 (even though I'm not supposed to have to do that) and, I'm still getting the buggy Java error messages. They have decreased but, they still occur.

Tonight, I had just run a thorough cleaning of my PC laptop - clearing away old data (cookies, cache, etc.), which I do on a fairly regular basis. If I don't, it takes my game forever to load.

I have also lost arena battles, and event battles that cost me being able to move forward due to these Java crashes.

I came here after sending in a ticket about the issue. Between the two incidents, I lost a lot of replicator rations, honor, and tactical training - not to mention crew that I could have sold for more honor. I'm getting very annoyed, and wondered if anyone else is having this issue?

I'm thinking that some adjustments need to be made to FB Gameroom (between FB GR and DB) to correct the issues I'm having. I don't think there's anything else I can do on my end to correct it. If there is something I can do, I'd love to hear it.

Captain Mirina Yar
The Watchers of Venus
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