H3LLHOUND5- Elite Skirmish Division of the D3VIL DOG5

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The H3LLHOUND5 are the elite skirmish division of the D3VIL DOG5 fleet family. We are the first fleet of our kind in Star Trek Timelines. Our goal is to bring as many of the most dedicated skirmish players as possible into our ranks to absolutely dominate skirmish events. Our mission, to take a brand new fleet to the very top of the fleet leaderboard, almost literally overnight, is probably one of the most ambitious undertakings of any fleet in the game right now. In other words, our fleet has something to offer that other fleets don’t- a challenge worthy of Klingon songs, and when we succeed, the bragging rights to go with it.

If you’re a skirmish lover and want to be in a top fleet in the making, as well as the camaraderie that comes from working with others to accomplish what some think impossible, then let’s discuss your future in the H3LLHOUND5. I spent 2 years in the D3VIL DOG5 before starting the H3LLHOUND5. I can tell you from experience, the {DD} tag is something to be proud of. The D3VIL DOG5 haven’t been as successful as they are on the backs of a handful of mega-whales. They’ve been successful by communicating effectively and by working together to achieve greatness. Now I’m offering you a chance to be a part of that family.

So what are we looking for from you?

1. You’re a daily player.
2. You complete your daily missions/donate to the starbase daily.
3. You’re communicative/responsive.
4. You’re VIP 3+ (Warp 10 capable) even if you never intend to spend another penny on the game.
5. You’re capable of ranking sub 1k in skirmish events (obviously, the lower you can rank the better, and we’re willing to help you with advice to get even better.)
6. You’re willing to do your part for your personal success, and the success of the fleet. Skirmish events are the only events we expect you to excel in. All other event types are considered optional/shore leave.

Since skirmishes have been introduced, they have accounted for roughly 20% of all events run. We want to win all of them. This may sound like a lofty goal, but it is easily achievable if everyone does their part. I believe any fleet in the game would be proud to boast a 20% win record in events. If you’re interested in being part of something amazing, I encourage you to message us.
-{DD} Smelly
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