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Do you always add star in a beholder?

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Do you always add star in a beholder? Which Legendary is a must? What happen when none of the 5 star is horrible?


  • [7TW] UnkieB[7TW] UnkieB ✭✭✭✭✭
    There are sooo many 5's that aren't all that good, so I don't always add a star although it is part of the consideration.

    When none of the 5*'s are bad it certainly makes things tougher. Of course sometimes you might just take someone you like even if they aren't the "best".

    I don't know that any legendaries are an absolute must for me personally. There are definitely some I'd like to get, but my current roster allows me to do pretty much anything I want. I'd get quite excited to get ahold of Gary Seven at some point. There are others I'd like to have, but it would depend on the specific behold situation.
  • RaraRacingRaraRacing ✭✭✭✭✭
    Short answer:

    Long answer:
    5* - I have a shortlist of crew that I'd love to have on my crew so will pretty much pick those over an additional star, granted it does depend on who the star is for, but even then, that crew has to be stellar.
    There's a good example in The Bridge right now ... a player got a Behold between Killy, FO Burnham and Temporal Prisoner Chakotay (three amazing cards). I have Killy 1/5 and wouldn't add a star, the other two options are just too good ... I'd pick Chakotay hands down on the spot as he's the ONLY 5* with that skill combo at the moment ... other no-brainers for me are Warship EMA (when he gets to the portal), Delta Flyer Paris and Stranded Quark (when he gets to the portal).

    Then ... in the near future I might start picking new crew just to have someone to level, am down to just 3 non-FE crew again (I'm taking as long as I can to level them) ... but the 5* would have to be above average ...
    I'm also of mind that adding stars to weaker crew is not that bad because you make your crew stronger by going wide. I've added stars to decent crew like Away Team Saru and Mirror Data and that has increased their use by a lot, where as 1/5s they were little used.

    4*s - Now-a-days I only add stars to 1/4 or 2/4 crew (I'm only missing one from the portal pool) ... that way I leave myself open for copies of 3/4 crew to show up on voyages and not be a waste, or have them come in as non-behold drops. I'll only add a star to a 3/4 of the other two options are immortal.
    I have plenty of crew space because I freeze almost all my immortal 4*s anyway (have 3 out for Arena). I am not in a rush to immortalise crew.
  • Dirk GundersonDirk Gunderson ✭✭✭✭✭
    RaraRacing beat me to it. Adding more stars to existing crew is usually the smart option: it means you don’t take up another crew slot and your existing crew become more powerful. Sometimes, however, someone will come up with a rare skill combo (the TP Chakotay example given above), a powerful ship ability (heh...also the example given above), one of the strongest crew for a given skill (that behold with Chakotay/Killy/Burnham was truly epic), someone who adds to a tough Collection, or simply someone who is desirable on plain old nostalgia.

    There are also players out there who are mortally terrified of getting all-immortal 5* beholds. Such players will avoid putting fifth stars on crew via citation and may even elect to avoid them in a behold unless forced to choose one of three 4/5* crew. Despite the sheer number of legendary crew, all-immortal beholds happen frequently enough that the fear isn’t unfounded - I myself have gotten two beholds with two immortal crew, and I have only about two dozen immortal 5*s (or less than 15ish% of all 5* crew). It’s a strategy that does prevent you from taking advantage of the full potential of your crew, however, so that’s something to be mindful of if you’re considering this course of action.
  • Jim SteeleJim Steele ✭✭✭✭✭
    Not always.. I turned down a star on someone when Killy came up as I didnt have her and shes a must for Skirmishes. I have also held off picking 4/5* characters just to increase my chances of not getting useless begold.

    DB: Do Better
  • It comes down to your crew and what's being offered. For instance, if I had the chance to add another star to Bell Riot Bashir, I would probably take it....unless Da Vinci was being offered in the Behold. Then I would take with the logic of I can always level and feed citations to Da Vinci once I own a copy of him. I can't do this if I don't own.

    The downside is that I have a crew slot tied up with 1/5 and have created another project for myself with leveling yet another gold. For me, I've been starting to get high rank in event that I'm getting the gold character, however all the 1/5s make me want to level up and raise the Stars of my crew instead of getting yet another 1/5.
  • Commander SinclairCommander Sinclair ✭✭✭✭✭
    Always situational. If the option is to add a * to one existing crew and the other two choices you don't have, but are "meh", then the choice is basically "duh!" – add the *.

    If you have to ponder the decision between adding a * to one or more crew from the choices presented, then I almost always look up who would be the strongest upgrade from that upgrade in the wiki.

    Above and beyond those options, I also have a short list of those crew I want to upgrade first. And another short list of crew I really really want.

    The most recent one made me frustrated, because it was a choice of 1 immortalized crew, one 4/5, or a 2nd * for Garak. I took the Surak to immort him because now I only need one more for the 450 Achievement, plus adding a * to Garak would have made virtually no difference, other than moving him up in a collection one notch.

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  • Depends on the Behold of course. Sometimes you end up with something like this:


    Then it’s a matter of get another star in that crew or end up with a duplicate. My point here is that as much as I love Ziyal, she’s not that great and a second star barely matters but she’s the only real option here unless I want duplicates.
    Weirdly enough, I’m also Vulcan Housewife. Also, RNGesus hates me, like really, REALLY hates me.
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