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Dilithium Extravaganza! (Updated End Time)

ShanShan admin
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Greetings, Captains!

Queen Po's Dilithium Incubator has been working overtime and everyone will get to benefit from it!

Starting today and until Monday, April 29 Tuesday, April 30 at 1:00pm ET (17:00 UTC) each Dilithium bundle available in the Dilithium store will offer 35% more Dilithium!

Please note that this 35% additional value is calculated on the base amount of Dilithium granted by each bundle. The bonus Dilithium received as VIP benefit will remain unchanged as it is dependent on the VIP POINTS awarded for each bundle.

During this sale the base Dilithium for each bundle will be as follows (prices are listed in USD):

- $4.99 Bundle: 450 Dilithium instead of 330
- $9.99 Bundle: 950 Dilithium instead of 700
- $19.99 Bundle: 2025 Dilithium instead of 1500
- $49.99 Bundle: 5400 Dilithium instead of 4000
- $99.99 Bundle: 11070 11100 Dilithium instead of 8200

This is the perfect opportunity to purchase Dilithium at a great value, don’t hesitate to take advantage of it!

Thank you for playing,



  • There is currently a display issue regarding the highest bundle, we are looking into it.
  • And it is now fixed, restart your game and enjoy the sale :)
  • SunshineRikerSunshineRiker ✭✭✭✭✭
    Update on the Dilithium sale!

    We’re extending the current Dilithium Stale to last until tomorrow, April 30, at 1:00pm ET (17:00 UTC). You can continue to get 35% more Dilithium from bundles in the Time Portal until then.

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