Shan, Possible Fix for Unneeded Items from Campaigns Chests

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How about we get to pick what option we want to get from the chests. We already have something similar in place for skirmishes where we can choose to take a reward or to fix the ships hull.

Have one option be to open the chest and the other could be credits or some other item that older players that already have most or all crew fully fused to take that can still be just as useful. We all know the 1000 inventory items is still very much an issue, and having a choice of something that won't add unwanted items to the inventory would be a much better reward for many of us.


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    As you can see, I don't have much of any crew to work on and the second picture shows the items I earned tonight from the chests after paying for the Premium Track. None of them were useful for the few crew that I have that needs to be equipped. Most are even for crew that I already have fully equipped already and now need to be tossed into the replicator. I find these chests annoying to open, and even stated in my reply in the survey I filled out after the beta that I think they don't really belong in the Premium Track. But, if they are going to stay, it would be great to have the option to choose something else instead.


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    I would prefer this to the seemingly random items I've received so far.
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    What about a behold for items with the chance to convert them to credits if you don't need it?
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    Or even just a way to get rid of items other than the replicator.
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    I have no crew to level anymore, but those items are replicator fuel. I would just say to keep it random. As new crew come out, some of it might be useful, then again, maybe not...but it’s a chance based game.
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  • Wouldnt it just be simple if the crates contained items for the crew card being offered in that campaign? And more generalized i opened a 4* sci project which could easily be used for either spock but was usefull for another crew. Since i dont need it for spock. I dont have many crew under lvl 100.
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