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The SSR Delta Flyers [SSR-DF] are looking for a few active captains, level 30+(ish), to join our ranks! The SSR Delta Flyers are a sister fleet to Second Star to the Right (SSR). We are an active fleet of about 40+ members, with a Star Base level of 100 , no drama, no pressure, no shenanigans. Looking for skirm strategy? Check. Need some garden tips? Yeah, the Admiral can help you with that. Oh yeah, f2p and not sure what crew to keep? We totally got your back. Don't want to say a thing? Cool too.

Being a sister fleet to a big brother fleet, we have access to the same resources and advice as shared from the big brother fleet, SSR, typically a top 10 event fleet. The two sister fleets share a Discord server, with access to common channels between the fleets, as well as fleet specific channels unique to each fleet.

The SSR Delta Flyers is a perfect fit for active captains who are looking for a great community of captains and a fast growing starbase. If you're looking to eventually join one of the stronger fleets, Delta Flyers is a good opportunity to season up your character and possibly move up into the Second Star to the Right fleet.

What we typically look for in captains:
-Level 20+(ish); Newbies considered too.
-Daily, active
-Willing to join our discord server
-A sense of humor!

Feel free to send a message if you are interested or even just have some dialogue if you're unsure. You can also contact SSR Barkley.

Glory and honor upon your houses,

Admiral, [SSR-DF}


  • SSR BarkleySSR Barkley ✭✭✭✭✭
    Looking for a a few active captains, to join this developing fleet. You have access to a big brother fleet SSR, a typical top 10 fleet, an active discord server with an awesome bot, a level 93 and growing starbase and many more resources at your disposal.

    If you meet the criteria listed in the prior post, please contact M'Rahl or myself and we'll have a discussion. thanks!
    /SSR/ Barkley
    Second Star to the Right - Join Today!
    Fleet Admiral
  • SSR BarkleySSR Barkley ✭✭✭✭✭
    Looking for 2 (maybe more) daily active members to join the Delta Flyers fleet. Starbase is level 95, with a strong discord community of two fleets. If you're looking to make a difference somewhere, or improve your game, thanks to the experience of a large sister fleet, this could be your stop. Shoot a message to M'Rahl or myself if you want to know more
    /SSR/ Barkley
    Second Star to the Right - Join Today!
    Fleet Admiral
  • SSR-Delta Flyers is nearing a level 100 starbase and our two year anniversary is upcoming. Join us!
  • Hit level 100 and have some spots open. Send a request if you're interested.
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