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SSR Delta Flyers: Join us!

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The SSR Delta Flyers [SSR-DF] are looking for a few active captains, level 40+(ish), to join our ranks! The SSR Delta Flyers are a sister fleet to Second Star to the Right (SSR). We are an active fleet of about 40+ members, with a Star Base level of 124 , no drama, no pressure, no shenanigans. Looking for skirm strategy? Check. Oh yeah, f2p and not sure what crew to keep? We totally got your back. Don't want to say a thing? Cool too. Want to chill on a galaxy event? No prob.

Being a sister fleet to a big brother fleet, we have access to the same resources and advice as shared from the big brother fleet, SSR, typically a top 10 event fleet. The two sister fleets share a Discord server, with access to common channels between the fleets, as well as fleet specific channels unique to each fleet.

The SSR Delta Flyers is a perfect fit for active captains who are looking for a great community of captains and a fast growing starbase. If you're looking to eventually join one of the stronger fleets, Delta Flyers is a good opportunity to season up your character and possibly move up into the Second Star to the Right fleet.

What we typically look for in captains:
-Level 40+(ish); Newbies considered too.
-Daily, active
-Willing to join our discord server
-A sense of humor!
-And support the starbase!!

Feel free to send a message if you are interested or even just have some dialogue if you're unsure. You can also contact SSR Barkley.

Glory and honor upon your houses,

Admiral, [SSR-DF}


  • SSR BarkleySSR Barkley ✭✭✭✭✭
    Looking for a a few active captains, to join this developing fleet. You have access to a big brother fleet SSR, a typical top 10 fleet, an active discord server with an awesome bot, a level 93 and growing starbase and many more resources at your disposal.

    If you meet the criteria listed in the prior post, please contact M'Rahl or myself and we'll have a discussion. thanks!
    /SSR/ Barkley
    Second Star to the Right - Join Today!
    Fleet Admiral
  • SSR BarkleySSR Barkley ✭✭✭✭✭
    Looking for 2 (maybe more) daily active members to join the Delta Flyers fleet. Starbase is level 95, with a strong discord community of two fleets. If you're looking to make a difference somewhere, or improve your game, thanks to the experience of a large sister fleet, this could be your stop. Shoot a message to M'Rahl or myself if you want to know more
    /SSR/ Barkley
    Second Star to the Right - Join Today!
    Fleet Admiral
  • SSR-Delta Flyers is nearing a level 100 starbase and our two year anniversary is upcoming. Join us!
  • Hit level 100 and have some spots open. Send a request if you're interested.
  • Boom. Level 104 due to a great set of captains. Join us. Send me a request.
  • SSR BarkleySSR Barkley ✭✭✭✭✭
    Looking for a few active captains to join this up and coming fleet. We're looking for players above level 30, either looking to grow, or any veteran players looking for a friendly fleet, with zero pressure.

    Delta Flyers is a family member of the Second Star to the Right family. SSR is a top 10 competitive fleet so there are plenty of resources to share with our sister fleet
    • A common Discord server with access to the same community resources as the SSR fleet
    • Level 106 Starbase
    • A well educated player base with plenty of insight, advice and wisdom
    • A highly resourceful bot that sits on our discord server, ready to dole out plenty of nuggets.

    If you are interested in joining, shoot myself or M'rahl a message. You can also find me on discord at SSR Barkley#7048
    /SSR/ Barkley
    Second Star to the Right - Join Today!
    Fleet Admiral
  • Level 110 starbase. Lots of players with different goals. Fab supportive fleet and sister fleet. Come see us!
  • bumpity bump bump. Love to have you!!
  • Any current openings?
  • WSChris wrote: »
    Any current openings?
    I just PMed you!

  • Bump. Level 124 starbase. Great people in both fleets.
  • Any openings for a very active daily player?
  • SSR BarkleySSR Barkley ✭✭✭✭✭
    @RangeRooney PM me your info and i can get it over to M'Rahl!
    /SSR/ Barkley
    Second Star to the Right - Join Today!
    Fleet Admiral
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