Vault crew tracking

It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of crew as the list of avail crew grows. In the vault it only list immortal/total avail cards.
Can that be changed as follows?
owned/active/frozen/immortal/total avail


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    this one has a long history, and as for me i want it asap, as it costed me quite some resources to build some to 80+ before realizing they are already frozen )luckily those were 3*, so really not much harm done,but anyways
  • I'd agree, my suggestion would be as the crew are flagged as "duplicate" if they are active, could this be extended to include the frozen crew in the vault. I currently keep a list that I check, but that's getting cumbersome the more crew I get and immortalize.
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    I used to keep track of dupes, but it became a hassle the more toons I amassed. I do wish they would create a way to notate dupes, but it's long been a request, and I feel it falls on deaf ears. As someone who has had people "disappear" from my cryo, it would be nice to have a better in-game method to track.
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  • While i understand the duplicate issue as well, maybe that could be added. But i am talking about the above stated for individuals. I have hit 600 + crew cards all individuals. No dups. Its crazy keeping track of them.
    Owned/active/frozen/immortal/total avail
    And maybe a (2), or (3) on a duplicate card as a badge in the corner.
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    There are nice spreadsheets in the Ready Room for tracking crew :)

    Yes, it's work, but it definitely helps.
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  • There are nice spreadsheets in the Ready Room for tracking crew :)

    Yes, it's work, but it definitely helps.

    Thanks for the advice. After 40 crew I created my own spreadsheet a very long time ago. I keep track of my crew well. It would be nice to see at a glance in the vault if someone has mysteriously disappeared as so often happens. I would like to be sure things are matching up at a glance. The vault info is so limited.
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