so Memory Alpha is down?

most main page, although the page for Memory Alpha planet still works


  • nevermind just a glitch i guess
  • Lady GaghgaghLady Gaghgagh ✭✭✭✭✭
    All the fandom pages are down. I was trying to check some lore for a D&D game I’m a part of and Wednesday the sites worked fine but yesterday all I got was what’s in the above screenshot.
    Admiral of the Haus of GaghGagh, Starbase level 94, we are not accepting members at this time.
    Captain of the voyage vessels: Queen of Bashir, Landsknecht, and Sunspear, the first luxury starship cruiseliners.
    Amenities include wifi, fully-functioning holodecks, a full-service bar, 3 party decks, a Trill spa, and a business centre.
    Fun fact: The ships are propelled by bouncy castle technology.
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