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PhdPhd ✭✭
edited October 2017 in Make It So!
This may have been suggested already, but please can you make the Voyage Timer (& Anti-Matter Level) appear on the main screen rather than just on the galaxy map screen. I have lost count of the number times I have failed voyages due to system failure because time runs away with me whilst playing the rest of the game to get back to the voyage screen in time to recall the voyage, wasting many hours and losing all the rewards abandoning the voyage.
I know that the anti-matter can be restored with dilithium, but I have a very limited supply of dilthium ear marked for higher priority items, and chances are if I did spend I'd forget and miss the next time the anti-matter runs out due to the there not being any notification of imminent failure or display on the main screen showing how long the voyage has been running and the remaining anti-matter level.


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