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Voyage boosts

AldudeAldude ✭✭✭✭✭
So we already have:
Skills boosts (6 rarity levels for each of the 6 skills - boosts skills in shuttles and galaxy builds)
Double rewards (6 rarity levels + 1 level which doesn't increase the time by 6 hours, used only for shuttles)
Time boosts (6 rarity levels, used only for shuttles)

Adding a boost system to voyages would be nice.
Skills boosts can increase the skill values by either some constant amount or a percentage (in the same way it does for shuttles and galaxy).

A new type of boost, for AM can come with 6 rarity levels. The question then becomes whether that AM boost would continue for voyage extensions or whether it's a one-off (I know what I would like).

As for the other boosts, they just are not used for voyages. I toyed with the idea that time boosts would reduce time between dilemmas and that double rewards would double the rewards from dilemmas but increase the time between dilemmas. However, I don't think that is something which is logistically viable.

UNLESS, each skill boost lasts for one dilemma only, and after each dilemma you have to refill your boost. Again, logistical issues there.
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