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The 1000 item limit...

As a coder/programmer, I often "see the Matrix" when I play a [video] game. Timelines is no different. (I hope my comments and insights in Engineering have been helpful to the DB team. :smile:)

I got to thinking about some comments in the (many) 1000 Inventory limit threads, and I realized the Crew Manifest/Vault might actually be based on the same system. It has a very similar programming "flavour" to it.

If this is indeed the case, what happens when we get to the 1000 crew mark? We already have a "bug" that vanishes crew from time to time [in the vault], so this also feeds into this idea that they are connected or built on the same framework.

This might be a Code Wall we are getting close to that needs to be addressed urgently if it is, else a large part of the future of the game is in jeopardy.

I want to become a Dilionaire...


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