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Experience the “Month of Hell” with our next Mega-Event!


Greetings, Captains!

You have spoken! Thousands of members of the STAR TREK TIMELINES community have voted and chosen the “Year of Hell” episodes from Star Trek: Voyager as the theme for the Players' Choice Mega-Event next month.

In this Mega-Event, strange temporal anomalies are popping up across the Alpha Quadrant, and they seem to be connected to the sudden arrival of a badly damaged U.S.S. Voyager. Your mission is to save the crew from an active war zone and uncover the mystery behind the recent anomalies

Over the course of four weekly events, you will meet and recruit new crew from Star Trek: Voyager, including Year of Hell Tuvok, the Krenim First Officer Obrist, a Desperate Captain Janeway, and Tactical Neelix. Many other characters from Star Trek are also warping into the Alpha Quadrant including Jett Reno (Star Trek: Discovery) and Desperate Riker (Star Trek: The Next Generation).

Prepare for this one of a kind mission: level your survivalist crew, they will provide event bonuses throughout the whole Mega-Event, and check out the schedule of events featured in the “Month of Hell” Mega-Event:

• June 6 – Crimson Spark (Faction Event)
• June 13 – Reconstruction (Skirmish Event)
• June 20 – Time Tsunami (Galaxy Event)
• June 27 – Scarlet Resonance (Hybrid Faction/Galaxy Event)

Thank you for playing!

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