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Froze a character after putting them in Gauntlet

OK, this is my own stupid user error as a bug, but I thought I'd mention it. Last night I put Doc Crusher in a Gauntlet. This morning, as I was working on shuttles for the event, I did one more check of my vault, realized that I had one survivalist still there (GoranAgar) and froze Crusher to release him for the event. When I went back to Gauntlet, I realized I had put Crusher in Gauntlet and forgotten about it (I almost always use Mirror Phlox for med) and went, hmm, I wonder how this will work? Anyway, when I went to use Crusher, it said my opponent doesn't exist and wouldn't let the battle happen, but when I went back to the selection screen my points had gone up and Crusher had a 1 next to her like she had just won a fight. A couple fights later, I was facing a wall of Armi in a SCI/MED battle and selected my Armus to fight one. My Armus won the battle but the opposing Armus racked up hits on both the SCI and MED parts. When I got back to the selection screen, Crusher was now inactive like she had just lost a battle.

Anyway, I don't know whether I have hosed myself or my opponents more for this Gauntlet and I don't know what other people would see when picking a fight with my character or if Crusher would even show up on my opponent's battle screens when she has been frozen. But I guess the point of all this is it wouldn't happen if you locked someone from freezing a Gauntlet character as you already do when the characters are out on Voyage or Shuttles.


  • Data1001Data1001 ✭✭✭✭✭
    From what others have stated here in the past, when they've done the same thing, that's what has accounted for several players (including myself, on occasion) encountering an "opponent does not exist" error when they go up against that particular crew. It's odd, because I never saw that error until quite recently, so I wonder if they changed something in the coding that accounts for that happening.

    Could you please continue the petty bickering? I find it most intriguing.
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  • Legate Damar Legate Damar ✭✭✭✭✭
    I’ve seen this happen when I’m going against someone. Get this error and I’m convinced that character has been frozen.
  • CloneClone ✭✭✭
    I thawed Doc Crusher, put her in the gauntlet, then re-froze her. I was able to use her during the entire 2-day gauntlet with no trouble. I believe this is working-as-intended because, when the gauntlet was new, we were told crew are "locked in" when you start the gauntlet, and no changes to them (including levels, equipment, bonuses, or airlocking them) will affect your current gauntlet.

    This didn't cause any "opponent doesn't exist" errors that I saw, and I've never actually seen that error except in 1 case: when my client is out-of-sync. This happens if I'm running the game on 2 different devices, or on 1 device plus the iampicard tool. If I try to run a battle on the wrong device and it's out of sync, I get the "opponent does not exist". For what that's worth.

    So I don't believe freezing/airlocking is the cause here. But if you think it is, then a great strategy would be to freeze everyone in your gauntlet so people cannot fight against them.
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