Improve equipment identification

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With campaigns and the loot boxes, we are now getting a much wider variety and quantity of equipment. Most of these equipment are character specific and are therefore useless if you 1) already have the character FF-ed or 2) do not have him/her to level up.

This is causing the equipment count to go up and theres no easy way to recycle this especially with equipment with similar artwork. Can we please have a way to either

1) Mark which equipment we want to recycle so that we can identify it clearly when replicating
2) Have the name of the item actually show up when you are sending it to the replicator
3) Search items so that we can find the item to send for replication

Its really hard right now to figure out which item I'm recycling as there isnt anyway to get information on the item in the replicator screen and theres no way to just dispose/delete the item in the inventory screen...

This problem is compounded by the random removal of items after 1000... If you are going to limit inventory space, please give us a better way to manage inventory.


  • Agreed. But you can actually check the items by tapping them between starting and confirming the planned replication. Of course you need to fill up to 100% first.
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