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A few months ago I mailed support that our fleet admiral had gone inactive and they kindly dropped him down and put me in his place. Since then, I've been rebuilding the fleet, dropping otu inactive players and replacing them with new recruits, but I've hit a wall on this now.

Squad leaders who are inactive cannot be dismissed without disbanding the squadron. One squad has 4 active members who don't want to change over, but thier leader has been offline for over 200 days. Could you please make it possible to select a new squad leader if the existing one has been inactive for X amount of time?

A second plea would be if I could change the fleet name, it is currently named for Denmark yet all the Danish players bar one are now inactive. I feel that new members may be put off by joining an "all Danish" fleet if they are not Danish themselves. A new name reflecting the international status of our fleet may help encourage new admissions.


  • The Squad disbanding was changed a few months ago. I have one squad, still going that I have dismissed 3 squadron leaders until we ended up with an active one.
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    Are you sure? Because the warning message says otherwise.
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    I am sure, sadly it was changed a while back then and if u kick SL , lead goes to a random player in squad. Before it was way better. A disbanded squad isn t an issue at all, not being able to disband a squad by kicking SL, is. At least for squads where other players don t communicate, regardless of activity.
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  • I wanted to give the squad to a particular person. He was the forth leader of the squadron in 6 weeks.
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    Even with a random person getting leadership in the squad once you kick the inactive, someone can still transfer leadership from within the squad.
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  • There have been several discussions/ideas presented and asked for (so far to no avail) on this topic.
    Make a secondary command position admiral/vice admiral so that if your adm goes dark the second in command can take over without problems.
    Allow fleets and squads to change names without having to disband and loose all past event info.
    Give the adm/vice adm more control over the fleet and star-base
    Give basic cpts less control (such as room recommendations By command officers only), (no one else can remove a member except the 2 command officers).......many ideas have been discussed.
    Fleets and star-bases have been great but can become a headache real quick due to lack of secondary command and lack of star base directional ability from command only officers.
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