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Squad rewards after event

Can we rethink how squad rewards are assigned?

It would appear that squad members do not get squad rewards if the squad is disbanded after the event ends, but the squad member has not logged in and hit 'done' before the disband.

It is common for many fleets to change squads every week depending on each fleet member's goals. As such, squads can be disbanded anytime from Monday when the event ends, to Thursday before the next event begins (or even after, if it's a low key straggler squad), and thus on a weekly basis (to say nothing of someone who may be away from game for multiple subsequent events due to unavoidable life issues).

This should not be a "just ticket it" issue, as that creates unnecessary work for Support when there is likely to be a reasonably simple Development solution to the issue.
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  • Jim SteeleJim Steele ✭✭✭✭✭
    Squad rewards are lame anyway but for the sake of the argument I agree. It can be easily remedied by not disbanding the squad till the middle of the following week. Presumably if people are logging in daily they will collect their rewards.
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