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  • Fair Haven had a pretty good skirmish, ranking at 75th place.
    Startrek Timelines Acadamy had a respectable finish at 224th place.
    I'm sure they both farmed up some good starbase components, so I look for their bases to level up in the coming week as they donate to their rooms. We're looking to recruit for both fleets, so if you would like to benefit from their starbases and donate your own supplies, we would love to hear from you. Please check the links above!
  • Prime Lorca of IzarPrime Lorca of Izar ✭✭✭✭✭
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    10F had a pretty good event. We finished as the #2 fleet overall. My squadron led the way in 16th place. I'm pretty proud. :)


    But slightly more impressive was Eyes in the Dark squadron. Every member finished in the top 1,000. We have our own internal awards and this one is called the Rigel Cup. See details on our wiki page.


    If you want to join the fun, join our Discord at:
  • FH and STA both added two levels to their starbases this week. It speaks pretty well to their activity.

    FH finished in 112th place with the standout performance being Loquacious Primate in 30th place overall. FH can certainly be competitive when they choose to be. If you want to know what it takes to play at that level, check us out to see if we got your play style.

    STA finished in 342nd place. That's pretty good for our captains who are still learning the ropes. A few have stepped up to fill spots in FH, so we have several openings for new captains who want a friendly environment where they can learn the game.
  • Hullo everyone 👋 the 10FH family finished the Q mega event on a high!

    10F ranked at 5th. FH ranked at 117 and STA finished with 370.

    In other news Prime Lorca won our Token of Ard award for Top Post this month. He was suitably recognised in our weekly awards ceremony (which now takes most of the evening up given we've three Admirals that like to hand out awards) Of course we update your service record on our wiki page so that the next time you have a job interview or need to impress your parents at the annual Christmas gathering they can easily see how Starfleet have decorated you with lots of (made up) medals 🥉 you can view any of our members records here: https://wiki.tenforwardloungers.com/index.php/Crew_Roster_Rank

    Any questions feel free to ask or DM me. If you don't have any questions but would like to see random pictures of cheesecakes that is also acceptable.
    Ten Forward Loungers - Give Your Best, Get Our Best!
    Check out our website to find out more:
  • jbbigippfb4l.png

    We all need an emergency potato at times. You can order some at the bar, Guinan keeps a good stock.
    Ten Forward Loungers - Give Your Best, Get Our Best!
    Check out our website to find out more:
  • 10F had a good event. We finished 6th place. We had Loki at 999th place and Nejaa at 1,499th place - models of 10F efficiency. @[10F] Smockteleheli was in the top 15, but I'm not sure if that's as impressive... 🤔

    I thank @(10F) Seven of One for taking over whilst I adulted for a time. Tomorrow, I'll plug our sister fleets, which also enjoyed the event. :)
  • While I was away, FH added two levels to their starbases and STA added four levels. Thats some good progress. We have some openings - especially for captains who contribute regularly. Please check out our Discord interview room if you're interested. We have gameplay advice, off topic fun, and occasionally CHEESECAKE!!! :)
  • We had a fair amount of participation this event despite the lack of enthusiasm in the community. 10F finished in 5th this week. Talk about consistency... :)

    FH finished in the top 100 again. STA upgraded another room. They're staying busy and regularly chat in our Discord servers.

    10F had a couple players move over to 10FH while they take a break from the game. We brought captains up from FH to 10F. Now FH and STA have some spots to fill. If you're looking for some friendly folks to chat with and talk game, Trek, or RL, then check out our Discord with the link above!

    Oh... And there's a skirmish coming. We can help you make the most of your chronitons. We have lists of items to farm and where to find them. We can help you staff up your skirmish ship. We have a bunch of skirmish #1 finishes. Whatever you're level of play, we have a spot for YOU!! :)
  • Due to a retirement in 10F and our FH and STA captains being happy where they are, we currently have openings in our three active fleets.

    10F has a fully leveled (134) starbase and a slew of skirmish #1 finishes. We are pretty active. We have spenders and non-spenders. No matter your level of play, we can help you improve! Please check our Discord link above. :)
  • lc1tlqf2e588.jpg

    Anyone fancy joining us 😁 we're particularly fond of skirmish events. You can find all our event ranks on our wiki page https://wiki.tenforwardloungers.com/index.php/Fleet_Events

    Look forward to seeing you 👋
    Ten Forward Loungers - Give Your Best, Get Our Best!
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  • 10F skirmish domination continues. We've been top 5 for all of 2019 and #1 in every event with a skirmish phase since April. So 5 months running. And we did it with 49 members this time. If you want to be a part of this, then now is the time!

    But we're not a skirmish fleet. We are regularly in the top 5 of faction and hybrids with a faction phase. Our squadron leaders have quality shares and sometimes allow others to post the share - not only if it's a better share, but also if someone wants to make a push and needs the boost from posting a share.

    And that leads into communication. We require Discord, but you can choose how much or how little to participate. Some just talk to their squad about events. Some talk to whoever will listen in The Lounge. Others just want to talk about Gauntlet or Arena in those dedicated channels. We have channels dedicated to Discovery and the new Picard series for those who want to talk about them. We have fans of all the series and welcome Trek talk 100% of the time (just be respectful).

    Check our website and Discord links above! See which of our fleets is right for you!

    And some recognition for a couple standout performances:
  • We still have an opening for 10F and a few slots for FH and STA as well. FH finished the skirmish in 42nd place, which is really impressive after we brought a few of their captains to 10F. Equally impressive is the two levels that they added to their starbase, bringing it to 111.

    STA had a good event also, finishing in 237th place. Our STA captains also added a level to their starbase, bringing it to 67. When I first started, I remember seeking a fleet with a level 50 starbase. We've got that and then some! Truly a great place for a new captain. :)

    If you want a spot in any of our great fleets, please drop us a line in our Discord link above. If you want to read more about us, check out our wiki page above. Hope to chat with you soon!
  • Today's topic in The Lounge: Did DS9 ruin Star Trek?
    There's a few who think it did.
    It is the only Trek that was set primarily on a space station. Does that simply make it the black sheep of the Trek family?
    Does the diminishing love for Voyager, Enterprise, and Discovery suggest that DS9 was where it started going downhill?
    OR!! Was DS9 the best Star Trek?
    With the most memorable characters, the strongest central plot, the best exploration of the human condition and morality?

    We discuss this and more in a polite and respectful manner. There's no wrong answers, it's just fans talking about the show and the game. If you would like to join the fun and the conversation, check out our links above! I hope to talk to you soon. :)
  • Have you seen the new Picard trailer?
    Do you want to change your Admiral to one who has all the qualities, and cards, of Picard?
    Do you want to engage your thrusters and go where you’ve not gone before.
    Come over to Ten Forward Loungers where you can chat, play and .... relax and talk about all the new exciting Star Trek shows coming out- we also have a MCU spoiler den and you can put in a request to get your own card made by our very own Creative Director Captain Idol.

    We keep spoilers in separate channels, so we won't spoil the series before you're ready. :)
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    Looking for new goals or achievements? The 10FH family has our own set of awards that we track on our website and in our Discord server. Do you qualify for any of these?

    All chapters/episodes/nodes complete.
    #1 in Arena.
    Crew with bases for each stat over 1,000.
    Completed Krayton and Marauder.
    Obtained Armus from gauntlet.
    6 critical hits in one round of gauntlet.
    Stockpile 10,000 merits.
    Recall a voyage with only 1 antimatter remaining. (Attempt at your own risk!)
    Immortalize Teenager Nog.
    Immortalize Indulgent Seven.
    Post pictures of old Star Trek toys or memorabilia.
    Or... the one that has thus far eluded me:
    All squadron members in the top 1,000 in an event.

    A full list is available at our website.

    If you are interested in a fleet that can encourage and challenge players of all levels (spending or not), then one of our fleets is right for you! Check out our links above. :)
  • We are ready for skirmish! Strategies have been prepared. Tomorrow we will be fine tuning. Join us! Learn the ways of skirmish farming and maximizing VP and the spoils of battle!

    Click or tap our links above.
  • We got some good recruits from our previous questionnaire. We decided to further vet our recruits with some new questions. If you can answer the following, then the 10FH family is for you!

    1) Have you ever clicked on a Vraylar Adwarp, but on purpose?

    2) Who is your favourite captain? Why Sisko?

    3) Why don't tribbles like Klingons?

    4) Is there a mirror mirror universe?

    5) Is the cheesecake a lie?

    6) Does your emergency kit include an emergency potato?

    7) Does this image excite or scare you?
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