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Petition Made and Answered: Cadet Wesley Crusher now a Pilot

Matt_DeckerMatt_Decker ✭✭✭✭✭
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Dear DB,

We the undersigned members of the Star Trek Timelines community formally ask that you add the Pilot trait to Cadet Wesley Crusher. Wesley's appearance as featured crew in the current event has reminded us of this continuing injustice.

Cadet Wesley Crusher is a version of Wesley from the episode "The First Duty" of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In that episode, Wesley is a member of a decorated group of cadets who were elite pilots -- Nova Squadron. According to Boothby, the squadron had recently won the Rigel Cup: "To the other cadets, the members of that team are gods" because of that piloting victory, he said.

Indeed, over the course of the episode, it is revealed that Wesley and his fellow cadet pilots were trying to outdo their previous performance and had been practicing an illegal maneuver known as the "Kolvoord Starburst" -- a very difficult and dangerous maneuver that went wrong and caused the death of another member of the squad, Joshua Albert. It is revealed that Albert was killed because he "wasn't ready" for this difficult maneuver and the others pushed him into making the attempt. But in his testimony, Crusher implies the other four pilots were indeed ready and had executed the maneuver correctly up to the point Albert's craft collided with one of the others. This further cements Wesley's status as an elite pilot in this episode.

Cadet Sito Jaxa, another member of Nova Squadron who appeared in the same episode, is the only other squad member to appear in Star Trek Timelines to date. She rightly has the pilot trait.

Please right this wrong and give the trait which Cadet Wesley Crusher is rightfully due. He was a pilot -- and an elite one, at that.

Matt Decker

[Edit -- This thread is now out of date. The Pilot trait was added to Cadet Wesley at the end of November 2019. Many thanks to DB.]
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