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Time to kill D’Kora Krayton?



  • Well, I am not fortunate enough to have Killy/RPC, so I have to make due with my T'ong and its crew of T'Kuvma, Frank Hollander, Waitress Ezri, and Scientist Degra. Still loses to Krayton more often than not, but has a few wins and has made #1 six times. Not bad since I don't really knock myself out over the Arena outside of doing enough to make the daily challenges.

  • (HGH)Apollo(HGH)Apollo ✭✭✭✭✭
    You can still skip the kraytons. There many other opponents you can still fight and gain rank. Also one killy can be beaten, it is the two or three killy/rura penthe commandants you have to worry about.
  • Average GuyAverage Guy ✭✭✭✭
    From a defensive perspective, you can't control any battles and the AI is random so worrying is irrelevant. From an offensive perspective, with a little effort anyone is beatable, on any ship and with any crew, because of the plethora of opposite crew available to everyone to match us against arena beasts. You just have to match up the crew you have with the ships you have and there are lots options. The problem is the large amount of crew that is frozen and you need to defrost them to test them out.
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    ByloBand wrote: »

    I'm impossible to offend, friend :)

    Thanks, I’ve given a woeful amount of time and money to this game so I’m probably prone to overreaction xP


    You broke your little ship...

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    I, for one, love the four second nuke, and am content the use the hell out of it until a better ship comes along. lol
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