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So, is it normal to only get 2 new members in almost 4 months? I've tried the invites, I've tried the personalized messages. It wasnt like this before, I had no problem with players joining my fleet even without invitations. My fleet has never been this low, this long. Pretty much takes away enjoying the game, as I watch my fleet destroyed.


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    Have you tried posting on fleet central, the STT discord, or Reddit? Very few of our recruits actually come from in game recruiting. Starbase also matters to a lot of people. If you're competing against fleets with a maxed starbase, that will hurt your odds if yours isn't finished.
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    Good feedback from SilverRose. I'll add that even for established fleets, finding players willing to join up is easy. Finding good, active players who also fit in well with your fleet's "personality" is a lot more challenging. Our main fleet has had a lot more success with that by starting a secondary fleet, which initially started as our version of the minor leagues, from which we could get a sense of each of those players and then recruit for openings in our "main" fleet (although that group of folks has since grown into quite a respectable presence on its own, and has even beaten us in a few event rankings, from time to time).

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  • I've played this game almost 4 years and have had the fleet for several years. The last time I couldnt fill the fleet within a day or two was well over a year ago. That dry spell was 2 months. This one has been almost 4. I play other games that have clubs similar to the fleets. Ive never had dry spells like this. Yes, I've posted on Fleet Central. And update it every couple of weeks ( dont want to be a thread hog.) I've put in a ticket. But I shouldn't be having to go out on social media outside the game to beg for fleet members. We are down to 30 members. When I hit a handful, I'll probably be quitting the game. (And taking my money elsewhere.) Because it is no fun watching your fleet slowly get destroyed and then trying to build it back up. I suffered through it once already and this time around, I am losing any enjoyment of the game.
  • And it isnt like it slowly drops off. One day I have 6 new members, then next 4 months I get 2?
  • I've always found recruiting to be the toughest part of games like this with a social element. Best thing I can say is to have fun. Sometimes it will rub off and you'll get players who want to join the fun.
  • Interesting problem. My fleet rarely has openings, which are filled within 2 hrs. Then if that player is not up to our standard, (place holding but not playing, join then within 10 min log off) we boot them and another comes in Immediately. We dont really try to recruit. We just open the door and see who comes in. We usually boot 2-3 players before we get a keeper for 1 open slot.
    I wonder if a disgruntled fleet mate has somehow warned ppl off from your fleet. When we do get new members it is always transfers from ppl not happy with inactive fleet they were in.
    Sorry that this is causing such a problem you would quit the game. As mr Lorca suggested, we promote having fun, and having a place to be away from daily chaos.
  • Recruitment for 10F and all our fleets is shared by myself and @Prime Lorca [10F]. Generally Lorca posts here in the forums and I recruit via discord. 10F rarely has availability anymore and when we do we recruit directly from our sister fleets. FH has a discord policy and so doesn't recruit in game either. Fleet chat is so unreliable discord is essential for our communications.

    The training fleet, which my alt is Admiral of, recruits through the game and discord. Its a level 57 starbase and all Captain levels can join. Generally its full within half an hour of kicking anyone.

    Do you have captain level requirements? I find those lower level captains tend to stay with us. It's a shame that you're feeling you might have to quit because of it 😔
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  • I'd like to return to [10F] if possible :)
  • Great feedback and advice from all above, thanks! Our fleet, while stable, is currently suffering from the same thing, even though we have an almost completed starbase, active sharing and active players, and when we play, we're in the top-100s. We too use an alternative communication medium (Slack) instead of in-game chat.

    We'll give the above a try too!

    Thanks everyone!
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  • I often feel the fleet invites are bugged. It is as if the invites fail for a few weeks and then we will get four or five joins in a single day. Almost like someone has to kick a script or trigger on the backend to make them work again.
  • I made sec account few weeks back. And I got option to get auto assigned to a fleet. I left an did it again got in the same fleet.. so prob. You where lucky fleet for this option that day...
  • Same thing happening here. We're not a top fleet by any means (level 110), but we do okay. We used to be able to fill our ranks literally within a day, we basically couldnt keep people away from our fleet. Nowadays, we cant get a single player to join and thats been a situation for weeks. We got 2 members drop by the other day, but again, slim pickings after that. Quite the change from like it was before.
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