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New Cadet Challenges and New 1-2* Crew

So I've been floating around the idea of how the game could accommodate new 1-2* crew and have them not immediately go in the freezer. Well, why not have a new rotating list of Advanced Cadet Challenges...but with random traits.

So for instance Monday would be "Pilot, Talaxian, Nurse" only and have a set of nodes that need those traits to pass. Then the next Monday would have the same mission structure but need different traits, for example "Lurian, Maverick, Astrophysicist"
This way the game could add lots more lower class cards and actually have them be useful and have cadet missions be more challenging after being completed. A true Daily Challenge as it were...

Rewards could be more varied, making Merits, other Equipment, Faction Requests, Common Portal Pulls, Honor (maybe), Ship blueprints or even just randomizing the reward for that day! It would add a nice new layer of engagement and make people rethink their crew rosters to incorporate lesser ranked crew members.
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