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STLV19: A note from Ariel, designer on STT

Our player meet-up at Star Trek Las Vegas 2019 was a great success and Ariel wanted to share the following with you all:

I had an incredible time at Star Trek Vegas, and I hope all of those who attended did as well!


I spoke at a Gaming Panel featuring developers who are working on other incredible Star Trek games. Some of those games are still in development and I’m pretty excited to see more from them.

We received some great questions from STAR TREK TIMELINES fans from both the Gaming panel, and our player meet-up later on. It was pretty exciting having John de Lancie himself speak on stage with us! He shared his experience working with our Narrative Designer, Jessica, on the story of the game - including the recent Episode 10. I made sure he didn’t give any spoilers, just in case! ;)

Seeing the players who attended our the meet-up, and their appreciation for STAR TREK TIMELINES gave me so much joy. I feIt like I was grinning from the Convention all the way back home! It was truly a pleasure to be able to speak with you all. I really appreciate the questions and the feedback that came up, and from those who spoke to me after the meet-up as well, awesome ideas! Thank you to everyone who showed up :)

I took the time to write up everything that was mentioned during the panels. We are currently reviewing all of these comments and feedback with the rest of our team. As I mentioned at the meet-up, some of the requests for Quality of Life improvements are already being worked on and we are excited to get these out to you as soon as we can!

Please keep an eye on our forums for any updates and news on what’s to come.

And as always please continue to send us feedback, be it a request for an improvement, new crew ideas, or something entirely different - so that we can continue to grow and improve STAR TREK TIMELINES!

Thank you, and Live Long and Prosper!


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