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Anti-matter as reward for Dilemma

I was wondering would it be so bad to give away some anti-matter for successfully completing a dilemma? I was thinking along the lines of making the answer in a dilemma mean a little more. For instance one answer gives you a little more anti-matter than the other answers. It also comes at a time when anti-matter should be gained or lost. For instance had the dilemma not come the ship would have either gained 5 anti-matter or lost 30... however dilemma just replaces that and you still lose anti-matter after the dilemma is over. For an easy example take the dilemma with the Gorn and the Andorian... If you stun the Gorn you gain 5 anti-matter at the end of the round... if you stun the Andorian you get 10. It might not make a lot of difference but it seems more fair than just losing anti-matter at the end of a dilemma instead of gaining 5. Thoughts?
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