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Could we get some more bugs, please?

earthman34earthman34 ✭✭
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I don't understand all these new bugs that have cropped up in the last few days.

1. Constantly warned about not having enough items to build something, when there are PLENTY. This is very annoying, since I have to go all the way to the bottom of the item tree and build each component individually.
2. Can't rush scans. Every time I try to rush a scan, typically a few minutes before midnight to complete all the daily missions, I get the message "You have sped up scans the maximum of 13 times today. Raise your VIP level to increase this limit." WHAT? I haven't sped up any scans before this.
3. Play ads to get bonus, ad plays, no bonus. Play ads again, might get bonus, might not. Is this a ploy to make us watch even more ads?
4. Great graphics. (Windows version) cu1bn100gnaz.jpg


  • Banjo1012Banjo1012 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Scan speed ups huh?
  • Banjo1012 wrote: »
    Scan speed ups huh?

    I didn't think that was a thing anyone actually did. On purpose.
  • Odo MarmarosaOdo Marmarosa ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2019
    I don't know if its been reported before, but its new to me and this thread is as good a place as any.

    Character cards that are normally out of play in crew overflow are selectable from the skirmish ship crew selection screen. If selected, you get an event phase change related error message and are bounced to the main game screen.

    No harm was done and it was barely an inconvence. One of STTs loveable quirks.

  • I have the same view since the beginning I am playing STT (May 2019) on Windows 10 using Windows Store App
    But closing and opening it again solves it form me every time
  • MirrorVerse JcMirrorVerse Jc ✭✭✭
    edited August 2019
    In the spirit of the title, yes sooo excited for more problems.
    I have mentioned/asked repeatedly in numerous threads for months to stop adding/creating/making any new portions to the game until the tech teams can resolve ongoing, longstanding issues and now there are more. Scaling issues, complaints about arena and ships not working right, delayed pop ups overlay other screens, build issues. The list can go on forever.
    Please, please im begging DB. Please go back for a minute (a month) and figure out what causes the longterm issues in addition to knew ones. And please stop telling us to restart as a solve to ALL. I restart 20 times a day since i play mobile. It makes no difference.

    The upgrades that the majority are most interested in at this time (from reading forums daily) is....
    star-base cammand structure and control upgrades,
    vault header additions to to include “owned/active/frozen/immortal/avail” and a number badge in the top corner of crew with duplicates.
    Inventory management by increasing the 1k total or making a recycle bin in tha main inventory screen to easily put unwanted items, then that bin is directly accessed during replication.
    Increased droprate of older 5* in portal and possibly added to voyages above 8hrs. “Decrepit legendaries” thread.
    There are alot of things on the wish/upgrade/create list but i read those 4 appearing most as repetitive requests and agreed upon in an overwhelming majority.
  • I don't understand the scaling issues at all. I think it's a little ridiculous that I can't see all the buttons in some of the screens on a huge desktop monitor.
  • Banjo1012 wrote: »
    Scan speed ups huh?

    I didn't think that was a thing anyone actually did. On purpose.

    It's not something I do that much, but sometimes in the rush of things I'm left with that one thing left to finish all the dailies. 200 accolades is 200 accolades.
  • I haven't experienced any of the bugs in the OP, but I did notice that the crew abilities randomly popped up much less frequently than previous skirmishes. I've seen a net positive and felt like throwing it out there.

    But in the interest of getting new bugs, can we have one where everyone gets a Shinzon when they make their first in-game purchase?
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