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Ship Pack running on old loot table/portal version

I bought three ship packs today but did not receive any updated ship schematics (aside from about 700 2* borg spheres). I wanted to ask whether this was intentional before I put in a support ticket, would be great to get this clarified.


  • From what I can tell you did in fact received schematics for a ship that is part of this update, the Xindi-Insectoid Patrol Ship.
  • They were the schematics advertised on the pack yes, however the other schematics are running on the old loot tables... Can this be confirmed? I'm not querying the advertised ships :)
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    I actually had a similar concern but didn't want to pull enough packs to get a large enough sample size at 350 dil a pop.

    I need 220 2* Jem'Hadar Battleship schems to max the ship (the last non 5* I don't have maxed). If the drop rates are right on the 90k credit portal packs you would need ~100-150 million credits to get them that way.

    Since the Skirmish schematics packs drop 100 at a time instead of 15 in the credit pulls and drop 2* schematics much more often, I did maybe 7-10 of the 350 dil pulls and did not get any of the 2* Jem'Hadar Battleship. I realized this was not the featured ship, but the many of the other 2* ships did drop, just not the battleship.
  • Back from my investigation, sorry it took so long. I wanted to confirm what I suspected.

    Schematics only packs are their own self contained packs. With their specific loot table.
    As this pack was created and went live prior to the update, it does not contain the new schematics that are part of the latest time portal update.

    It is something we could have been clearer about.
    We will review this type of pack and see what we can do so that in the future, should we find ourselves in an identical situation, the time portal update affects it as well.

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