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Seven of One Seven of One ✭✭✭✭✭
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Hey DB 👋

I might start by saying I really enjoy the gauntlet. Its great meeting your friends there and a bit of friendly competition is fun.
However. Everytime I play it I have these recurring thoughts and I really feel that the time has come for me to share them with you.

1. Remove trainers as rewards. Seriously. I cannot stress this enough. It takes months, sometimes years to get good gauntlet crew. Then you have to equip them, and pray to RNG you dont lose the match. If you manage to achieve all this and are then awarded with blue trainers I feel like I've been slapped in the face.

2. I mean that's it really. The time zone, the RNG, the prize that literally costs me 4 chrons anyway, i don't mind that so much. I just really really hate the trainers.

3. Mayyyybe you could give the option of a gauntlet crew behold instead of a straight drop. This would be fun, exciting and enable players to target weak spots in their gauntlet and overall crew. I had my 6th Caretaker drop this morning. I mean it was lovely, but the half of me that plays my alt account is green with envy as she tries to scrape by with Etana Jol every gauntlet.

4. You could also remove the trainers as rewards.

5. Maybe take away trainers? Please. With a cherry on top. 🙏

*edited because i cant spell check properly*
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  • Dirk GundersonDirk Gunderson ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yup, trainers are awful. I can understand why they might be beneficial for newer players who haven’t hit the integer limit on all five trainer types - though I do question how easy it is for such players to get a streak of 6+ wins or get rewards beyond a Gauntlet Box from their rank.

    A Gauntlet Behold would also be nice, and become more critical with each added gauntlet special crew. Perhaps leave the drops for the featured special crew alone, but for legacy crew I don’t see a down side to giving people a choice of which one they receive.
  • [DC] Picard Loves Reds[DC] Picard Loves Reds ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2019
    The down side is that everyone who got a Gauntlet behold would immediately pick the one they don't have. This would increase the ownership population of all of the legendaries much more rapidly than by RNG alone.

    Since there are 3 options available, maybe make the behold a choice of 2?

    For the record, I still don't have Locutus and would happily take him if he showed up in a Guanlet behold.
  • Seven of One Seven of One ✭✭✭✭✭
    Also, I was thinking as I fell asleep last night that the biggest improvement might be to rotate the start of the gauntlet by 12 hours and not 24 as it currently is. Then those who have gauntlets finishing at ridiculous times of the day can choose a better end time.
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