Weyoun's Open Fleet - open slots - no level restriction!

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Greetings Captains,

I am a day 1 player of this game, and have much experience in all things STT.

Weyoun's Open Fleet is a very casual fleet, no pressure and no drama.
Whether you are looking to just take advantage using shared crew in events, or of starbase bonuses, to stay quiet and get on with it, or if want to chat about tactics in events or who your favourite captain is, or if you need help, tools and advice, you can do what you please! No pressure.

We have empty slots to fill and are looking for active playing captains to join and contribute to the Starbase donations daily, which is currently Starbase level 110.

We have a discord group which is beneficial to join, where you can chat as a fleet, and within your squadron, and share ideas and help each other. Much better than the in game chat.
Mainly the aim is to just have fun with the game, and promote the game to newer players and help them out through their journey.

*Weyoun's Open Fleet is open to anyone currently!
*We prefer you to join the Discord group, but it is not mandatory,
*We would like daily contributions to the Starbase to help the whole Fleet.
*No 'Captain' only names please (just add something to your Captain name and join!)

search for the fleet in game, or DM me for info and help.

As Weyoun would put it - 'We would be more aesthetically pleasing if we were ...more!'

Victory is daily playing!!



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