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The Motion Picture on the big screen

Hey everybody!! i just got back from seeing it in a theater for the first time ever...and it was AWESOME:


I'm too young to have seen any of the TOS movies in theaters, so the versions i grew up with were on VHS and on TVs...but from the very beginning, these guys heading toward V'Ger:


through the epic awesome flyby of the most beautiful ship in Starfleet history:


to (i didn't want to have my phone out for the whole movie) when Kirk figures it out:


and the evolution:


seeing it on a big screen was a totally different and waaaaaay better experience than any home TV, and if this movie had not done so well, there would have been no sequels or TNG or whatever part of the Trekverse you love :)

The showings are organized by Fathom Events and there are more showings this Wednesday 9/18, with tickets available here: https://www.fathomevents.com/

This was the theatrical version, so some of the effects were a little rough, but there IS discussion about doing a fully modern remaster of the Director's Edition from 1999 which IMHO is a far superior, and much more watchable, version of the movie.

There are some fantastic resources on this Babel Conference Facebook thread, including a terrific commentary track here by the production team who did the 1999 update, that goes into all sorts of detail about how they discovered a pretty terrific movie in there.

If you do go enjoy seeing it in a theater and would like a fully modernized version, make sure to @ ParamountMovies on Twitter ...and if you'd like more TMP in Timelines, post them here and i have a feeling Shan will hear us :)


  • We saw it this afternoon as well. I had a great time, but my husband fell asleep around the time Spock was doing his space walk LOL

    It was very cool seeing it on the big screen, since it was the only one I hadn’t.
  • I envy people seeing it on the big screen for the first time, whilst simultaneously feeling excited for you. I know people like to knock ST:TMP but I've always loved it (especially the director's cut) and you really need to see it on the big screen to fully appreciate it. Every time I see the (in)famous Enterprise scene I tear up (and though Nemesis was a rubbish movie, the bit near the end where they pay homage to the Enterprise scene was nicely done.)
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