New collections?

I would be really awesome to have some new collections. Maybe one for all those Q that came out lately.

If you agree, or disagree, please list any collection ideas you might have so that maybe we might get to see one. :)


  • Alright lol. Well I would love to see some new collections. That Q one I mentioned would be cool.
  • I will second a Q one, what about a first officers one ?
  • There are already collections for Common, Uncommon, and Rare characters, but not Super Rare or Legendary. Those two groups definitely need their own collections.
  • I have a collection idea:
    Undercover of Darkness - Characters in this collection have the "Undercover Operative" trait
    Forcefields & Light - Characters in this collection have the "Hologram" trait
  • “Working Together”

    Lizard Janeway
    Duras Sisters
    Dr 7
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    I've got an idea for a collection that could also be an interesting event if need be, all TOS classics:

    TOS Monarchy & Nobility Pack - Deela, Natira, Vanna

    Scalosian Queen Deela

    + Command
    + Leadership
    + Security

    + Evasion

    The Scalosian hyperacceleration from the hyperaccelerated agent in their water is destabilized or rejected when Scalos is hit by the unknown time-space anomaly, thus allowing the five Scalosian Society survivors to be able to live in normal time in a miraculous turn of events. Something so large and odd to the galaxy is a blessing to the doomed species, originally facing extinct under quarantine in hyperacceleration, but now they are able to join a crew... particularly to evacuate from the contaminated water of their world until receiving terraforming support from a greater faction's power, thus making them rely upon support to get back on their feet.

    High Priestess Natira

    + Command
    + Leadership
    + Security

    + Accuracy

    Leader and priestess of the Fabrini, Natira begins to help her people move away from the oracle's machinations of her people. Natira is willing to accept Federation aid and peaceful interactions in settling on their future home at Daran IV.

    Stratos Noble Vanna

    + Command
    + Leadership
    + Security

    + Increased Torpedo damage

    A former servant to Governor Plasus' home, Vanna is well-versed in Stratos' sphere of life, and holds position as the leader of the Troglyte's efforts in gaining equal rights. With hopeful aims of the Federation beginning to send diplomatic support to help the Troglytes and Stratans live together, Vanna is more forthcoming in aiding the Federation's cause.
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    My concrete idea for the "Alternate Future" collection:

    Captain Harry Kim, Captain Nog, Bestseller Author Jake Sisko, Alternate Future Bashir, Alternate Future J. Dax, Commander Barclay, Vice Admiral Janeway, Liaison Torres

    New Crew: Doctor "Joe" (5-star MED-SCI-DIP), Ensign Miral Paris (4-star SEC-ENG-DIP), Sabrina Wildman (3-star DIP-CMD), Korath (4-star SCI-CMD-SEC), Elder Tom Paris (4-star DIP-CMD-MED), Fal-To-Voh Tuvok (4* CMD-SCI-ENG)

    The question is if Lt. Naomi Wildman and Lt. Cmdr. Icheb (if he's ever added) would count towards this collection or if that's yet another alternate future. :)

    My concrete idea for the "Killing Game" collection:

    Bartender Tuvok, Mademoiselle Duneuf, Katrine, Klingon Janeway, Klingon Neelix, Colonel Karr, GI Chakotay, Combat Medic Paris, Resistance Neelix

    New Crew: Brigitte (4-star ENG-DIP-SEC), Beta Turanji (2-star SEC-CMD), Nazi Kapitän (3-star CMD-SEC)

    My concrete idea for the "Year of Hell" collection:

    Resilient Tuvok, Determined Janeway, Tactical Officer Neelix, Resolute Chakotay, Annorax, Beloved Annorax, Obrist, Zahl Ambassador

    New Crew: A new variant of Seven, Paris, Kim and The Doctor that appeared in the YoH two-parter episode. The Seven and Doctor variants should be 3-star, because there are no 3-star Seven or Doctor cards yet (just like Picard, Data, Kira and Worf).

    By the way ... there is no Klingon collection yet? Maybe because there are too many Klingon cards already (but there are also a ton of Vulcans and they have their own collection and it even ends at 10 maximum, lol).
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  • Collection idea:
    "The Shape of Warp-Fields": Characters in this Collection have the Changeling or Shapeshifter trait
  • I'd like them to officially add an Age of Sail collection. We need Troi, Picard, and Worf added to get all seven main cast crew. It would be almost on par with Sherwood Forest.
  • =j= Donatra=j= Donatra ✭✭✭✭✭
    I am surprised AoS Picard isn't in the game yet after seeing Riker, Data, Geordi and Beverly.
    "Everything about the Jem'Hadar is lethal!" - Eris (ST-DS9 Episode 2x26 "The Jem'Hadar")
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    A Sherlock Holmes collection would be nice, a couple of characters could still be added e.g. Lestrade.
    Most anticipated character not in the game: Mr. Homn
  • I am surprised AoS Picard isn't in the game yet after seeing Riker, Data, Geordi and Beverly.

    It takes time to complete a themed set. They aren't all added at once.
  • =j= Donatra=j= Donatra ✭✭✭✭✭
    That's true. :) The Warship Voyager collection would already have four (or technically five) crew in with Chakotay, Janeway, Doctor and Tuvok. Drone Seven of Nine would fit as well.
    "Everything about the Jem'Hadar is lethal!" - Eris (ST-DS9 Episode 2x26 "The Jem'Hadar")
  • How about a Voyages Collection?

    We already do voyages and depending on dilemmas we can get crew like the Clown, Thot Gor, Ensign Picard, McCoy that are not available elsewhere.
  • I predict a Formal Wear collection.
  • I've been saying a Q collective since I started playing. He literally presents the game!
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  • =j= Donatra=j= Donatra ✭✭✭✭✭
    How about a ... Photons, Be Free! collection? All holograms united. <3
    "Everything about the Jem'Hadar is lethal!" - Eris (ST-DS9 Episode 2x26 "The Jem'Hadar")
  • "Phasers Locked On Target" - Characters in this Collection have the "Marksman" trait
  • I was going to suggest some, but they've already been covered so I won't repost. But what I have been thinking is that the rare crew collection has milestone goals at 40 and 60. And all the skill leveling Collections have at least 40 crew each. So a new milestone could be added to increase skill bonuses.

    Spit and Bailing Wire: 44 crew
    The Daystrom Award: 49 crew
    Do No Harm: 62 crew
    New Life and New Civilizations: 63 crew
    Valor in Combat: 68 crew
    To Boldly Go: 74 crew

    The 40 crew milestone could be another skill proficiency min/max +1%, core skill +1%, Dilithium, and 10x premium pull.
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