New collections?

I would be really awesome to have some new collections. Maybe one for all those Q that came out lately.

If you agree, or disagree, please list any collection ideas you might have so that maybe we might get to see one. :)


  • Alright lol. Well I would love to see some new collections. That Q one I mentioned would be cool.
  • I will second a Q one, what about a first officers one ?
  • It is definitely time for a Mirror collection. They should also do era collections, ie: ENT, DIS, TOS, TAS, MOV, TNG, DS9, VOY and I'd suggest getting one ready for the new Picard series.
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    "Killing Game" is certainly a good one, I'd also like to see a Dominion collection and an "Endgame" or alternatively a "Future Starfleet" collection which would also allow the DS9 future ones like Captain Nog or Alt Bashir and Alt Jadzia and the old Jake to be in.
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