Battleship Yamato / Battleship Musashi / Battleship Kongo Three Top Fleets - For Active Players


BATTLESHIP YAMATO: Top 5 Fleet for the past two years.


BATTLESHIP MUSASHI: Top 50 fleet in 2019.


BATTLESHIP KONGO: Launched stardate 09.23.2019 and is a top 70 fleet thus far on its maiden voyage.

÷ Battleship Kongo has plenty of openings contact me here or in-game to join.


  • That's a mighty fine looking Kongo you have there, ma'am.
  • That's a mighty fine looking Kongo you have there, ma'am.

    Thank you my friend <3 ÷
  • ÷ Dr. Claire Finn÷ Dr. Claire Finn ✭✭✭
    edited September 27
    Greetings. We're looking for motivated players like yourself to join our new fleet ÷Battleship Kongo. We are just starting but we have a lot of support from our sister fleets, Battleships Yamato and Mushashi (both max level 134). If you follow the fleet leaderboard at all, then you've seen Battleship Yamato in the top five for just about all of 2019. Now is a great time to join one of the top 5 group of fleets in the entire game. Are you interested? Contact me ÷Dr. Claire Finn here or in-game.

    Once in any of our fleets you can easily do a lateral to a sister fleet (Yamato or Musashi) anytime a spot is open.
  • Battleship Yamato has one opening (long time Captain moving to ÷Battleship Kongo to help grow their Starbase). Wonderful opportunity in Yamato that doesn't frequently have openings. Yamato is a top 5 fleet week in & week out regardless of the type of event. You can apply in-game through fleet joining just click apply or message ÷The Eternal Champion in-game.
  • Thanks I was lucky enough to bag the last spot. Will Miss you guys at PFV though :)
  • ÷Battleship Kongo has openings and their base is growing fast. Once you're a member of Kongo it's an easy lateral move to Battleship Musashi or Battleship Yamato anytime they have an opening, you have the 'pole position'.


    PM me here or in-game. My player name is: ÷Dr. Claire Finn
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