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High Roller Sisko should be Costumed

This version of Sisko is from the same episode as Waitress Ezri, Diversion Yates, and Decoy Kira all of whom have the costumed trait. He's clearly dressed up to go into the holodeck to pull off a heist. How is that NOT considered costumed?


  • One of my fleet's officers alerted me to other examples of this problem. There are only four crew that have both the hologram & costumed traits: Falcon O'Brien, Frank Hollander, Anastasia Komananov, & Zora. Falcon & Komananov were both in "Our Man Bashir", Deep Space Nine, season four, episode ten. But Dr. Hippocrates Noah, Duchamps & Honey Bare Jadzia were all in that episode too, and none are marked as costumed.

    There are also five other holograms of Starfleet crew that don't have the costumed trait and aren't in starfleet uniforms: Goddess of Empathy Troi, Musketeer LaForge, Musketeer Picard, Lady Beverly, & The President Of Earth. Is this an oversight? If not, what's the requirement for a crewman to have the costumed trait, as it seems inconsistent.
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