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DUNE 35th anniversary crossover event

Data1001Data1001 ✭✭✭✭✭
I believe we've had folks in the past suggesting Sir Patrick's character in the film as a new STT original, but I thought now was the perfect time to bring it up again, since 16 Dec 2019 marks the 35th anniversary of the day that DUNE premiered in US cinemas.

There is of course precedent for crossover characters (Prince Bashir, Army Chaplain Odo), and so I submit the following for your consideration. (I'll leave it to you, DB, to come up with suitable character names. ;) )

Patrick Stewart as Gurney Halleck (Jean-Luc Picard)


Brad Dourif as Piter De Vries (Lon Suder/VOY)


Dean Stockwell as Wellington Yueh (Colonel Grat/ENT)


Virginia Madsen as Princess Irulan (Kellin/VOY)


Just think of the event possibilities! Sandworms, intrigue, spice, a hero's journey... classic space opera stuff. >:)

"A storm is coming. Our storm. And when it arrives, it will shake the universe. Emperor...we come for you!!"
~ Paul Atreides, Dune

(Now if we can only get Kyle MacLachlan to guest star on the upcoming Star Trek: Picard series...)

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  • I mean…

  • ~peregrine~~peregrine~ ✭✭✭✭✭
    I wholeheartedly support this idea. I wonder what the buildout for a 5* Baliset would look like....

    “You young pup! You young pup!” :p

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  • No. While I like Star Trek and Dune, I do not like them together. It’s bad enough we have MASH Odo (and I think one other crossover toon).
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