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  • Odo MarmarosaOdo Marmarosa ✭✭✭✭✭
    Ivlain wrote: »
    Ivlain wrote: »
    Will this Bashir be Section 31?

    Why? they literally took the Section 31 Trait off SECTION 31 Janeway right before it was a Bonus Trait in an Event.

    He "pretended" to work for Section 31, but Sloan and Ross played him. So he should have Section 31 and Undercover, if it's that episode.
    Ren~ wrote: »
    Trait guessing time.... Kamala should be Diplomacy Primary, followed by ? Maybe science/cmd?

    Bashir: MED/DIP/SEC (if they want to be consistent) - Human, Federation, Section 31, physician, diplomat, undercover operative, resourceful, engineered. There's a high chance he gets maverick and a small chance he's getting advocate or neurologist (if I remember correctly the episode) too.

    That makes him a bit loaded on the traits side but it's what the episode demands.

    Med, Sci, Dip [all logical]

    Traits: Human, Starfleet, Federation, Cyberneticist, Physician, Engineered, Gambler...

    So no Section 31 trait for the one and only episode Bashir ever willingly(ish) took an assignment from them. Also no undercover trait for the plot about working undercover both for and against Section 31...

    ETA: It looks like all of these are just default traits they put on all (or most) Bashir cards, cyberneticist being the odd one that he occasionally gets for no clear reason...
    I think the case to add "Section 31" and "Undercover Operative" is more than strong here!

    DB sometimes just copys traits from the last character version rather than looking to see what would be appropriate for the episode the character is from. This is why Protomorphosis Riker was a Q for awhile and half the Jadzias lack Exobiologist.
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