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How to make the censor less offensive

Face it... anyone who goes into chat can see how well the censor works, how inaccurate it is, as well as how it can take inoffensive words and make people look bad for asking a question or making a statement in chat... I have never believed any algorithms could predict context. People dont speak predictably. Humans are the most unpredictable creatures that are known today. However, I have an interesting and fun solution that could heal the wounds your censor inflicts. Instead of the rude ####### that haunts the chat. Use the technology instead to print random words instead...


I really dont like the way ########### looks in that movie.

I really dont like the way butterflies look in that movie.

Following the remark the poster would notice what was said was not what was typed and likely would try again... the word censored being Will Shatner...

They would type it out and instead of seeing....


They would see...


Every attempt could bring out a random word that is not censored and would not be offensive to read... if you have seen the censor in action in chat you would know that when the censor prints #### people draw their own conclusions to what dirty words was said. And some may even be offended even if the actual word was not offensive. Anyhow it was just a fun thought that I had. I know people on this forum could care less about the universe chat, they think discord or line app is god send... Personally I think its crap to use an app outside of the game when there are functioning communication features in the game... the only thing that the game could use is the ability to send private messages to teammates who are offline that can be recieved when they log in... when someone is offline and you PM them they wont see your message when they do log in... it just slips through the crack and there is no notification... how bout giving squad leaders and fleet admirals a way to better communicate with thier team inside of the game.... or just get rid of the chat altogether and open the mail system up to public use.


  • The word censor is mad, its been like this even when we played game of thrones, its never changed and I wish it would.
  • Many of us who use the chat for our fleet discussions as well as talking to our friends in the game would love to see this fixed!
  • DippyDippy ✭✭✭
    For our fleet the insanity of the censor has been a good source of comedy. I might be sad to see a logical and well
    functioning system put into place.
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