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Murder on The Bolian Express

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The Liberal Alliance - Halloween 2019
The Bolian Yacht: Murder Mystery

This Halloween [TLA] celebrated with a Murder Mystery Game, using Line App Chat rooms to expand out our game play as a fleet.

Fleet Members were given a chance to join a Space Yacht on a journey from Bolarus IX to Ferenginar, hosted by the beautiful Madame Vadolisa when Murder strikes!

3 players were randomly chosen as the Murderers and played the roles of Katra survivors of the lost Order Of monks from P’Jem looking to capture Madame Vadolisa’s valued artifact: The Amulet Of Boreth!
I was amazed by the level of creativity and characterization expressed by the players.

The Murderers were finally tracked down one by one, with the final murderer dramatically blowing herself out into space with the Amulet in her grasp…

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