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Firetab and Timelines ?

I'm thinking about a getting a Firetab, but i would like to know if i can get Timelines running on it on a semi decent level ... The hardware in those things is meh at best , hence why I'm asking . I'm confident i will figure a way out to sideload it :D So has anyone had any luck running Timelines on them ?
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    I did on a Fire 8 from 2016. The Amazon App Store ingame purchases are cheaper btw at least in Europe.

    It does not perform like on a high end tablet but it is ok. Space battles are not that great, so I never did Skirmish events on the device but on the PC instead but for the daily tapping it is really sufficient.

    On the plus side I can also mention that ads always worked on the Fire even while they did not on my Android mobile.

    In the end I got myself an iPad Air 3 a few months ago (even though I always swore myself never to buy anything from Apple) and never regreted it, it is an amazing device and so much superior to a Fire. So if you can spare some more € I would recommend that if you play a lot.
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