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  • I got the popup once, a day or so ago. I was in a hurry to just hop on long enough to complete a Voyage dilemma, so I skipped it. I've given it some thought, and I've come to the conclusion that I'm gonna have to untangle the game from the forum when I rate it. That's difficult, because the forum is a key reason I've remained active with the game during lulls. (That's also difficult because sometimes, y'all get on my damn nerves.)

    To answer @Prime LorQa [10F]'s prompt, the episodes per series that make me cringe the most:

    • TOS "The Paradise Syndrome" (the one with the planet like 1960's depictions of Native Americans)
    • TAS "The Terratin Incident" ("Honey, I Shrunk the Crew")*
    • TNG Movie Nemesis (the one with glorified fanfic)
    • TNG "Code of Honor" (the one with the planet like 1860's depictions of Africans)
    • DS9 "Profit and Lace" (the one with a wholly misguided commentary on sexism that ends up being transphobic)*
    • VOY "Natural Law" (the one with the planet like 1960's depictions of Aborigines who imprint on Chakotay because of his facial tattoo and Chakotay and Seven start their uninteresting romance, and where Paris has to go to traffic school)
    • ENT "Judgment" (the one with Archer escaping from Rura Penthe)**
    • DSC "Point of Light" (the one with L'Rell solidifying her chancellorship)***
    • Short Treks "The Trouble with Edward" (the one with an unnecessary explanation for tribbles and a first time captain showing total disregard for a scientist who seems obviously on the spectrum)
    • Kelvin Movie Into Darkness (the one with glorified Khan fanfic and contrived Alice Eve stripping)

    *I also cringe at DS9's "Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves" ("One Little Ship"), but I hate "Profit and Lace" even more

    **I love The Undiscovered Country and find "Judgment" insulting

    ***I cringed at a lot in Disco's wholly contrived second season, but it was spread out within most of the other episodes, whereas I just hated this one
  • Last I was aware, the company that created the app doesn't get any notification from Apple or Google that you ACTUALLY rated the game.

    Just click "Rate" and then don't bother rating the game, it should set a flag in DB's database that you "rated" it, and leave you alone.

    Any time a mobile game gives you an incentive to rate it, say you'll rate it, jump to the app store and back, and you should receive the free items you were promised.
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    edited November 2019

    Shan wrote: »
    ByloBand wrote: »



    Posted because the two buttons have no text

    Thank you for the screenshot.
    It is not on all android devices though as I had text on my end so could you give more details like your exact device and android version please?

    My STT app is up to date

  • Oh trust. I definitely left a rating.
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    So do you have a "Really?" type of episode?

    TNG “Masks”. Like “Really???”

  • Shan wrote: »
    So now we have to get this interruption multiple times during game play?

    You say multiple times, could you please describe what you experienced because it was set up to avoid being too spammy. You should not see it more than 3 times within a single year.

    Sorry for the vague title, I had just gotten it twice in under 10 minutes on an android 8 device when I posted that.
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    [*] TAS "The Terratin Incident" ("Honey, I Shrunk the Crew")*

    They missed a trick with that and the Borg, given that the radiation only shrank organic matter.

    Hit a Borg ship with that radiation and the organic bits would shrink. The inorganic bits? Not so much...
  • Ishmael MarxIshmael Marx ✭✭✭✭✭
    I know there's nothing that can be done about this, but it still annoys me...

    Because the app is for mobile/iOS, it won't show up when I search the app store from my Mac laptop. I really hate writing paragraphs on my phone ('cause fat fingers, scrolling off-screen, editing difficulties, etc.). So as much as I would like to offer a bunch of informed thoughts about the game for a review (mostly positive!), I will just limit myself to a star rating.
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