[CH] Anubis[CH] Anubis ✭✭
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We are currently looking for a few new active members. We have a friendly group of players, with a wide variance in Captain lvl 40 – 99. Discord available but not mandatory.

* All VIP levels welcome
* No obligation to spend money
* No need to enter every event
* No pressure on event ranking, just play to your own ability
* Need time off Holidays or other commitments just let me know

All we ask of our members is the following:

*Contribute to the fleet to help us reach our dailies.
*Donate to the fleet recommended rooms in our Star base (level 102). 103 104
*Treat other fleet members respectfully.

If you want an Active Fleet with Potential that hits Dailies most days and with Your Help make it a Daily Occurrence then this is the fleet for you. If you’re Captain Level 40 & Above please feel free to Join or ping me a message, Open Enrolment.


  • Still, a few spots available, open enrolment.
  • [CH] Anubis[CH] Anubis ✭✭
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    Our Event Ranking is usually between 100 - 250 but looking to improve on this.
    We still have some openings left.
  • Anubis, willing to Join. Am activedaily
  • Still have space if your interested, open enrolment
  • We have space for 5 individuals or a squad that wants to leave their current fleet.
  • We still have some spaces left. Open enrolment
  • Still some space available
  • 0118lpqt981n.png
    And another room almost ready for upgrading later today
  • s6y22twiogae.png
    Up another level.
    Still, have some openings
  • I joined this fleet about 2 weeks ago and want to say it’s been great to be a part of. Anubis has some good advice in the Discord feed. It’s been nice to be a part of a fleet with an actively growing starbase— and benefit from the bonuses, honor and chrons that come with it.
    It is very low-pressure; just play how you want to play, try to hit all your daily challenges, and donate to the starbase. There hasn’t been anything more expected of me. I play how I always have —and I had my highest event ranking yet since I joined.
  • Cheers buddy, enjoyment comes first and foremost, the main reason I created the fleet was for people to play to their own ability and learn in the process without the pressure.

    Dailies being completed most days but that will change once we are at full strength.

    We still have a few spaces open, feel free to join, Open enrollment.
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