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Sign In Issues - Plan of Action - Update 11/23 4:30pm ET

ShanShan admin
edited November 2019 in Starfleet Communications
Greetings, Captains,

On Thursday, November 21, we discovered an issue preventing some of our players to properly log in in the game, affected players will see a “Sign In Error” pop up when trying to load the game.

The cause of the issue has been identified and fixes have been put in place.

However these fixes will require:

- a new version of the game, v.7.3.1.
This new client will be rolled out some time this morning on Android, iOS, Steam and Windows 10. (This issue does not affect our Facebook/Gameroom version of the game, a new client is not required for that specific platform)
Please update as soon as it becomes available to you.

- and a force upgrade that will need to take place today as well. We realize that this is a short notice and we apologize for the added inconvenience this might cause.

Regarding compensation for this issue this will be discussed later on. Expect an update from us early next week.

Thank you for your patience while we sort this issue out, and for your continued support.



7.3.1 was finally approved by Apple so it will now propagate to all app stores.

Amazon, Samsung and Huawei builds should follow.

There will not be a force upgrade this weekend, it should happen early next week.
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