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Skirmish 2* Ship Idea: 1979 1701

It might be too late for TMP’s 40th, but I’d like to see the Enterprise-A reskinned as a refit Enterprise from the first movie. That way it’d have high- and low-star versions like many other ships, and the details could be tweaked: the nacelle lettering needs to be centered, and there is no insignia banner on the bottom of the ship.

Submitted for your consideration. :smiley:


  • MirrorMartiganMirrorMartigan ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2019
    I endorse this idea completely!
  • I endorse this idea!
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  • Not only do I endorse this idea, I'm begging for it! I want all the Enterprises! I need a rerun of the Enterprise-A skirmish so I can complete her!
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