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Fleet recruiting new captains and new squadrons, spaces available in squadron red llama.

edited December 2019 in Fleet Central
UFP USA has a level 91 starbase with two active squadrons and no entry requirements. Come join us.


  • REGREG ✭✭
    edited November 2019
    Most rooms in starbase level 6 or above with 3 rooms at max level.
  • With just the two squadrons the fleet ranked 1740 in the empathy gone wrong event.
  • No requirement to join external chat outside in game chat options
  • We have a mix of VIP levels including 0 playing in the fleet
  • Still looking for active daily players
  • Still looking for active daily players. Come join us.
  • Red Llama squadron leader REG VIP 0 awaiting new recruits. The fleet is UFP USA but no USA requirement I am Australian.
  • REGREG ✭✭
    Red Llama has empty slots for new fleet members.
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