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Empathy Gone Wrong Threshold Pulls

AldudeAldude ✭✭✭✭

At least it was max honour
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  • How ironic... Defiant worf!!!
  • I got a straight drop of Mirror Jennifer Sisko that took mine to 3\4 and 600 honor... Better than average.
  • RaraRacingRaraRacing ✭✭✭✭✭
    What do you know ... a 5* behold:

    - Falcon O'Brien(new), Agent Janeway(1/5), Mirror Kirk(new) - 99% of the time I add *s ... but Janeway is lacklustre (after they removed that key Section 31 trait) and I'm not keen on Kirk ... so I went with one of the cards I've been hoping for (fairly easy choice really) ... it also means that I have almost all crew for the Bashir collection (except Bashir himself), though both O'Brien and Garak are at 1/5 (rest immortal) ... ah citations projects, gotta love 'em. :)

    - 2x ship schematics (one useful).

    - rest 3* Honor.
  • EnderWEnderW ✭✭✭✭

    This is significant: Bajoran Dukat was my oldest non-FF super rare. I’d had him at two stars since he first came out and got his third star around January. Been waiting FOREVER for this last star.

  • This was a winner for me.


    The other options (elite dupe, bad third star) did have a certain amount of appeal, but in the end the choice was clear.
  • ekazsoq71p4v.jpeg

    At least some of the schematics are useful....
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  • marschallinmarschallin ✭✭✭✭
    Straight drop of Captain Q. Yuck. My streak of no legendaries is at something like 55.
  • r5faatocmkl9.jpg



    Pretty happy with this one. :)
  • 400 honour, supernumerary schematics
  • 🤮

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