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How about a Cyber week?

Greetings, Captains!

Thanksgiving, celebrated mostly in the US, is followed by the more internationally known Black Friday and Cyber Monday so we’ve decided to have a Cyber week!

But let’s start with a thank you to all of our players, from veterans to cadets, with a gift of 5 free crew slots! (This brings the base crew slots to 105).

We’ve also added 5 more tiers of purchasable crew slots for a total of 83 purchasable tiers.

Now onto the main menu of our Cyber week with:

- A Crew Slots and Dabo Wheel Sale!
Until Tuesday, December 3, around 2pm ET (19:00 UTC), all crew slots tiers and all Dabo Wheel spins will be 50% off!

As all players are not yet on our latest version, we had to do a force upgrade and force restart prior to this sale going live, however a force restart should not be necessary when the sale will come to an end. In the future it should no longer be necessary to do a force restart at the beginning and the end of these sales!

All the above aligns perfectly for the return of our players favorite packs: Elusive Treasures! You have until Tuesday, December 3, around 2pm ET (19:00 UTC) to score some limited-time crew (released in the last 4 months) not yet available in our regular premium packs.

Please note that there will be recurring Elusive Treasures limited-time offers during this special week. So keep an eye out for them!

Each Elusive Treasures 10-pack offers 10 Beholds for a Super Rare or Legendary crew, and guarantees at least one Legendary Limited-Time crew among those listed below.

Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for playing!


Acting Captain Jellico
Amanda Rogers
Bounty Hunter Mudd
Colonel Q
Commander Ari bn Bem
Dark Empath Troi
Desert Archer
Fungal Entity May
Galaxy Gallivanting Vash
Grateful Lwaxana Troi
Helmsman Wyatt
Little John Riker
New Eden Pike
Pining Vina
Q as "God"
Queen Po
Redjac Jaris
Returning Craft
Timekeeper Tenavik
Tribble Herder Scotty
Vice Admiral Janeway

Data Q
Dress Uniform Bashir
Fugitive Burnham
Kaminar Saru
Miss Q
New Eden Owosekun
Nexus Guinan
Priestess Siranna
Protomorphosis Riker
Q Junior
Rigel VII Vina
Riker Q
Roman Captive Kirk
Runaway Po
Safecracker Nog
Torchbearer Tyler
Transporter Chief Rand
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