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Announcing our December Mega-Event: Dreams of Utopia!


Our final Mega-Event for 2019 will be themed around Star Trek: The Original Series.

Dreams of Utopia will feature Garth of Izar as the recurrent threshold reward throughout the four events.

Captains will be tasked to help the crew of the Enterprise chase Garth through Ferengi marketplaces, race through the Gamma Quadrant toward a planet rumored to be Eden, and stop a hostile takeover by a dangerous escaped criminal. We hope you are up for it!

The schedule of events will be as follows:

Skirmish Event "Yonder Star" - 12/05
Faction Event "Trader Woes" - 12/12
Galaxy Event "New Eden" - 12/19
Faction Event "Dead to Rights" - 12/26

Bridge crew from Star Trek:The Original Series will provide event bonuses throughout the Mega-Event. A list of current TOS Bridge Crew can be found below.

Thank you for playing!


Commander Chapel
Doctor Chapel
Ensign Chapel
First Officer Chekov
Claiborne Chekov
Dancing Chekov
Ensign Chekov
Lieutenant Chekov
Commander Chekov
Admiral Kirk
Kal-if-fee Kirk
Evil Kirk
Gangster Kirk
Nexus Kirk
Command Wrap Kirk
Incognito Kirk
Mirror Kirk
Platonian Kirk
Roman Captive Kirk
Romulan Kirk
Rura Penthe Kirk
Survivalist Kirk
Captain Kirk
Wrathful Kirk
CMO 'Bones' McCoy
Drafted McCoy
Dr. Leonard McCoy
Gladiator McCoy
Katra McCoy
Prisoner 'Bones' McCoy
"Dark Ages" McCoy'
Transporter Chief Rand
Yeoman Rand
Commander Scott
Dress Uniform Scotty
Lt. Commander Scott
Captain Scott
Professor Scott
Tribble Herder Scotty
Ambassador Spock
Mountaineer Spock
Captain Spock
Commander Spock
Kal-if-fee Spock
Gangster Spock
Gladiator Spock
Laborer Spock
Kolinahr Spock
Mirror Spock
Talos IV Spock
Recovering Spock
Astrosciences Sulu
Captain Sulu
Fencing Sulu
Lt. Sulu
Mirror Sulu
Undercover Sulu
Gunslinger Uhura
Dancing Uhura
Lt. Commander Uhura
Mirror Uhura
Comm Officer Uhura
Nyota Uhura
Commander Uhura
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