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Hybrid Faction/Galaxy Event Notes: Guiding Principles (rerun)

As officers from countless timelines try to contain the temporal anomaly crisis, each has been following the regulations of their own time, regulations which are often in conflict with Starfleet of the present day.

Event Name: Guiding Principles (rerun)
Event Type: Hybrid Faction/Galaxy Event
Event Start: Thursday, 11/28 at Noon ET (17:00 UTC)
Event Finish: Monday, 12/02 at Noon ET (17:00 UTC)

Squadrons: Y
Crew Sharing: Y (Phase 1 only)
Faction Winner Bonus: N
Community Rewards: (Phase 2 only)

Event Crew:

Cadet First Class Locarno (New) 5*
Fully Fused Fully Equipped Level 100 Skills: CMD 1284 (180-408), DIP 1078 (160-296)
Traits: Human, Federation, Starfleet, Maverick, Pilot, Crafty, Desperate

Commander Kira (Existing) 5*
Fully Fused Fully Equipped level 100 Skills: CMD 1239 (206-406), DIP 809 (207-448), SEC 418 (130-262)
Traits: Bajoran, Starfleet, Federation, Veteran, Survivalist, Tactician, Saboteur

Captain T’Pol (Existing) 4*
Fully Fused Fully Equipped Level 100 Skills: CMD 773 (97-275), DIP 230 (195-391), SCI 606 (69-194)
Traits: Vulcan, Starfleet, Astrophysicist, Tactician, Telepath

Formal Dress Wesley Crusher (Existing) 4*
Fully Fused Fully Equipped Level 100 Skills: DIP 481 (160-342), ENG 270 (108-230), SCI 662 (173-422)
Traits: Human, Federation, Starfleet, Prodigy, Warp Theorist

Ranked reward 5* crew

Seeking Spock (New) - this crew will be featured event crew in the event starting on 12/05.
Fully Fused Fully Equipped Level 100 Skills: DIP 430 (132-295), SCI 1257 (183-448), MED 931 (170-326)
Traits: Vulcan, Human, Telepath, Spiritual, Starfleet, Federation, Resourceful, Explorer

Bonus Crew
• high bonus: event crew
• small bonus: variants of Kira, T’Pol, and W. Crusher.

Event Factions

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  • ShanShan admin
    edited November 2019
    Unfused stats

    Seeking Spock
    FE 1/5 level 100 DIP 205 (132-295), SCI 905 (183-448), MED 503 (170-326)

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