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Hi DB,
You have to change is some way or another the way the Gauntlet is played.
The way it is now advantage too much long time players that have good Gauntlet crew.
For other player, like me, we miss some, say 2 or more old Gauntlet beasts like the Caretaker or Bartender Guinan or Mirror Jean Luc Picard or some other, we just cant cant stand up and we end far away from the winner.
Just today I saw a player that has no less than 11 Armus. That's just because it's easy for him to win Gauntlets and so he can win the current featured Gauntlet crew many times.
How many times I was against a wall of the same Gauntlet crew I dont have and so no chance to win at all ? Many times, and I'm not alone here.
And I just can imagine a new player that has ANY of the Gautleters ... Very little chance he gets a good Gauntleter any time soon and if gets one he will always dont have the 10 others needed to win a Gauntlet. For some of them, like the Caretaker, he will never get them.
Can't you select the players in a Gauntlet so that they have, more or less, the same Gauntlet strength ? Like Arena battles where players around 30000 are matched against players around 30000 and not randomly with anybody ?
So, please, change something so that the rich wont get forever richer and the poor have a little chance to get rich one day. Let new players have a chance, one day, to enter the circle of the winners.


  • I have been playing for years, and you could call me one of the rich. I have 2 of the 4 FFFE, and 2 close. But I only have 1 copy of each. And will never build more than 1 copy of each. It is completely random from which non-monetary box they will drop in. I have received them in a 3 win streak, longer streaks and in the gauntlet end boxes.
  • 15,136 rounds 8 Guantlet crew earned. Like Gib, I've had them drop during streaks, usually win 3 or 6, as I rarely get longer streaks, and end boxes, including with a 42nd place finish. I currently have 2 Caretakers (1/5 and 2/5) 2 Guinans (5/5, DYC'd twice, and 2/5)and a 1/5 Armus.
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    Don't give up and keep running rounds. If you haven't done so already, read some posts on how to get streaks started. The biggest help there is entering the guantlet, but not playing for a few hours. After that, use Merit refreshes as needed to try for better match-ups.

    Also, the Big Book of Beholds has a list of strong guantleteers (one hit wonders) and there are other player created tools to help.

    Last, numbers-wise, only Catetaker and Locutus are dominant. Armus and Guinan have competitors that can drop in the portal.
  • In the current Gauntlet I am using Minuet, Mirror Picard, The Caretaker, Mirror Phlox, and for the first time Mambo Picard.
  • JhamelJhamel ✭✭✭✭✭
    Almost 20k rounds done, not a single one of the legendaries received yet, despite a ton of streaks and ranked rewards. I will get Locutus early next year, but that's only because he's the 20k rounds achievement grand prize.
    I suggest three Gauntlets just like Arenas are done. One for Common-to-Rare characters, one for Super Rare only, one for Legendary only, obviously also with different rewards. That would increase the amount of rewards every 48 hours, but it would also be more fun, doing more battles.
    Additionally, I'd introduce new achievement thresholds at 30k, 40k and 50k rounds (Bartender Guinan, The Caretaker, Armus respectively). That way, everyone can eventually get the gauntlet specific characters and the legendary gauntlet is going to be more balanced (more mirror matches, resulting in a higher victory chance overall for everyone).
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  • I love the idea of new thresholds.
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